Sunday, June 13, 2010

Radio & Pandora's box to my musical mind.

Pandora is something new to my world that I have found very bad ass. I am sure I am a year too late. Most Cincinnatian's are, I can assure you.

I want to touch on my background quickly.

I was in radio for 8 years. It was everything to me and while I was in FM radio I had crazy work ethic, like for instance Warp Tour 03. I went in at 7:30am recorded my on air stuff, got with the promo team, other on-air jocks and headed to the venue at 8:15 a.m. I didn't leave our after party show until 2 a.m. I had tons and tons of hope that I would some what be the next Matt Pinfield, Stern, Kimmel and yes even Carson Daly all in one. At the 3 stations from Daytona Beach, Toledo & Cincinnati I was a yes man. Always trying to do whatever it took to get to that next level. Well... almost everything. I wouldn't kiss the program directors ass at the last station I was at. He liked and worshiped Lincoln Park. I was thrown out of the Lincoln Park back stage presser in Columbus by a bouncer bigger than Hulk Hogan. Yes, I was thrown out. I was shoved into the snow. What did I do to deserve this treatment? Have you even taken time to listen to those yambags? Enough said. I made comments, loudly and direct to the band.

After years of empty promises to move into the music director roll and the rumors the station moving to country I hung up my head phones. I see it like being a great super bowl running back and retiring after just two seasons. Or, Twilight being the only movie made out of that series, leaving all those kids with thoughts of Edward and Bella forever! It was rough on my self confidence and drive. I will admit I didn't see eye to eye with the program director, I wanted to go more young, modern, punk and college pop rock. Bickering with the boss at times about the flow of the station is probably not the best way to move forward. Hell, I know it wasn't. He wanted to go in the direction of Metallica, Lincoln Park and Sublime. The station is no longer on the air and let me say there was already a station JUST like that one already playing that mambo jambo.

I didn't have a title so I put my dux down and gave up. People say never have regrets. I regret leaving radio, point blank period. It was my passion and I was damn good at what I did. I read a quote recently and I am sorry I do not remember who and where so I will just give the cliff notes. It said something to the effect of - the people who were successful were the ones that gave it one more try before giving up. That sums up my radio career. I cashed in when I clearly had one more hand to play. So now I am kind of chasing the dragon, always wanting to be around music or listening to it. The funny thing is, radio has little to do with music. Sad. My vision was skewed a bit I guess?? hell look at look at MTV. Do they even play music anymore or just the Hills?

With me constantly chasing that drive to be creative with the flow of music, bands and pop culture I kept listening to people all around me mumble about Pandora. I don't know much about it still, which five years ago wouldn't be the case, the cube spanks me into corporate Joe. Although, I still love making play list for people and tinkering with my ipod. I figure with my background in music and pop culture my Pandora account would better than a frat house kegger. I am making it a goal to master this blog and Pandora.

My playlist is now on Pandora, "Farley radio". I know pandora picks the songs for you but I had such a good time for three hours last night plugging in bands. The bands picked some how down the road has touched me. No, not in the way of a priest but in the good way that will forever stay with me along the path I take in the glorious thing called life. I must suggest Pandora. You can can get an app on your iPhone or Blackberry and take it everywhere. It is amazing. I truly feel that this will be the next wave in how one listens to music in their car or home.

Currently listening to: Rancid, Public Enemy, and Rise Against

Monday, June 7, 2010

grumpy & random thoughts.

I wanted to just jot down a few things that have been on my mind. Random, but on my mind.

What is the difference on 3G & 4G? Will you be able to tell? Why buy an iphone when they are going to upgrade every other year? I don't know? iphone's are sweet.

Food Network is good stuff.

Do yourself a favor and check out Lewis Black. He has a special on Comedy Central on Saturday, Lewis Black Stark Raving Mad. I suggest it.

Think about not driving for a day. Maybe a Saturday. Cook at home, watch a movie online, clean your house or flat (yeah, I said flat), or get out enjoy the summer and exercise. Just try not to drive for one day. Also, stop going to BP. PERIOD. Not even for a Gatorade.
P.S. The 6 million booms in the Gulf, don't fucking work. Sorry to curse.

Who in the hell watches MTV anymore? I didn't even know the MTV movie awards were on last night.

Julia Roberts is a hell of an actress. Just sayin.
I enjoy John Cusack as well. I know they were in a movie together back in 2001.

Ravioli tomorrow night, stoked for it. Do you have a ravioli recipe? Drop me a comment.

How come when you run with people or in a group you can go longer and harder, run by yourself, and you slack!

Jay Leno, NOT A FAN.

Why do people at my, or, an office microwave leftover fish? If you do this, stop. It's not cool.

Agave nectar, I have some. Gonna try with tea and a English whole wheat muffin.

Sorry so random but that is how I was feeling tonight. I am going to add an "about me" page soon. When you wake tomorrow and look at yourself in the mirror. Smile real big, brush them chompers and tell yourself you are awesome! Then truffle shuffle and laugh. Laughing and smiling is contagious.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


On Friday I took off from a day at the cube, my GF and I decided to go to Ozone Zipline Adventures. I wanted to face my fear of heights, leave all the bull shit/drama from work at work and enjoy a nice day in the woods or should I say... above the woods, zipping!

We had an amazing time. We went on 7 different zip lines and of course they went from the bunny zip to the is your balls in your throat now zip. To take on the 7 zips and 6 sky bridges you should go early to beat the heat and allow yourself ample time to enjoy the day. The tour took us about 3 1/2 hours. I think my gf and I may go back in the fall when the foliage is turning. Hit me up if anyone wants to go then. What a great day yesterday was. The best zip of the day was 18 stories high and 780 feet long. I went first on that one! I wasn't going to wait around and think about this for 20 minutes while everyone else went before me, I raised my hand quickly and asked if I could zip first. The ride seemed like an hour but was only 30 seconds or so. I stood on the platform closed my eyes and yelled SHIT!!! as I took off like a bat out of hell. I must of caught speeds up to 60 mph or faster on that one. My endorphins cut off the rationalization to my brain, I went into such a adrenaline high. I landed perfect on the platform on the other side and 20 minutes later I was zipping down the last zip to end the day. My high didn't end for 2 hours after. Super stoked that my gf found this spot and we went. I seriously can not wait to go back.

I must say, you should look into taking this challenge on for yourself, your family, friends or special lady/man friend. I am sure in your state that you reside in has a zip line park, if not I suggest going to one that has. Incredible!

Abe, our guide at Ozone Adventures was super rad and was extremely patient with everyone in our group, my gf was scared that she hurt him one time zipping too fast onto the platform but she didn't even hit him. He was totally a cool guy and put every one's mind to ease right away before the day started. If you do go to Ozone Adventures, ask for Abe to be your guide. I think next time I may try to use my ipod, probably wont let me but it would be nice to have some great background music while zipping over the tree tops.

What a day, what a day!!!

Currently listening to: Angels & Airwaves - Epic Holiday

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Comfort zone

First off happy National Runners Day! I know its almost over on the east coast but I wanted to let it be known. I got my run in for sure today. I whipped up a quickie, 3 miles. My achilles is sore but I have been pushing myself. although, I have been resting more this time around. Workn' on my fitness in the little time I have is important. I have discovered some great new blogs and I added them to my blog roll, Carrots n' Cake and My Quirky Life. They have great ideas for new meals and great stories!
I had an amazing day with food.

Breakfast: Kashi shredded wheat with two spoons of ground flax seed & 1 cup of skim milk.
Lunch: Shot of wheat grass & chicken caesar on a spinach wrap.
Snack: plain yogurt
Din din: Tilapia, grilled asparagus, wild rice and fresh tomatoes (all organic of course).

So back to the comfort zone. I went to my gym and had a great workout. I hit the nautilus machines, upper body. 3 sets 15 reps each exercise. THEN!! I hit the treadmill. HIIT runs for 3 miles. I mean it is national running day, and I usually run outside but today in Cincy it was rather soupy out. So I ran inside. After mile 1 for some reason my HIIT workout was killing me. Mainly I feel because this is my 3rd full week running coming off of injury. I hit a runners high by the second mile. It felt great and I was out of my comfort zone, kind of like me in that picture. Most random pic ever, I know. It has really nothing to do with this but I am random.
I have always been told "that's what you want" to be out of the comfort zone. And, I was!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Things that came to mind that I would like...

A few things came to mind today that I want. It's my blog so I am allowed to be selfish and request a few things. I'm not going into detail, you can always comment and ask me questions about my list. I will respond. I don't ignore.

1. The engagement ring.
2. Blink 182 to play a private party for me. Yes, you're invited. Jimmy Eat World can open(Bring you own red college cup, but beer is free).
3. A job that allows me to live in Encinitas, California
4. Children
5. A part time radio job on Sirius
6. An unlimited access to Nixon watches
7. To move Bogarts(downtown Cincinnati buy the stadiums) and rebuild it.
8. A 1984 Jeep CJ7 or CJ 5, restored, fire engine red and chromed.
9. To be capable to run the half pig in Cincinnati
10. Destroy cancer. All forms!

I'm currently listening to: Switchfoot, Metric & Unwritten Law.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Let me start off by saying if you have not experienced the State of California then I must say, I am sorry. It changed my life in many ways. I have two close friends in San Diego and I try visit them once a year. I met my special lady friend there and I re-gained my love for surfing and the culture. I always loved surfing but I moved from Florida to Cincy when I was 10, you cant surf on the might Ohio River. The city of San Diego is crisp. I use crisp only because every time I step off the plane and walk out of the terminal doors that is the one word that comes to my mind. Then Hodad's, LOL!

I ask how can you not love California? Even the cities catch phrase is 365 days of ahhhh.... its true. Yeah of course it rains there, they have the May grays, brush fires or earthquakes.. but zero snow and So Cal has amazing fish tacos! I would cash it all in to be able to live there, well not all in. I would want to take my special lady friend. I mean we met in California and four years later were still together. We both are in love with fresh farmers markets (support local growers), the culture of California, the eco system. I really enjoy accessible shots of wheat grass and of course the active life style the people of California have. What? You can wheat grass in Cincinnati? Yeah, I know. Whole Foods for $4 . That is ridiculous!

If you plan on going to San Diego in the future may I suggest, try to stay in Pacific Beach at Diamond Head Inn . The hotel is really 10 steps from the ocean and you will have great views of sun rises and sun sets! Two years ago while I was out there I would get up walk out of my room about 7:30 am, grab a skinny venti vanilla latte from Starbucks head another twenty feet to the Pacific, sit my ass on the sand and watch the sun rise over the ocean. The entire time Angels & Airwaves would be full blast on the ipod and I would watch the surfers catch a quick 30 min sesh before school, work or just the start to their day. I thought to my self, how could anyone go into work stressed out after a 30 min surfing session while the sun rose over the horizon. I know the same people would come back after work or school for a second session. I totally get it, leave all their stress from the day on the beach, plus get amazing work out. One with with the wave and the elements. Awesome.
For me, listening to Angels & Airwaves just kind of fit in with my surroundings. For you it could be anyone like Jack Johnson, Rise Against, Metric or this really great musician from San Diego, Tristan Prettyman. Music is the background to my life. Sitting on that beach every morning with my large cup of corporate coffee watching surfers, joggers and sky rats (sea gulls) while listening to a good tune is all I need in my life. Serious. Well, besides my special lady friend. She has Giada de Laurentiis cooking skills.

The first time I went out to San Diego I didn't realize what kind of effect that the state of California would have on me. I know i have talked about San Diego, but I have been to the O.C., San Fran and we took a boat to Catalina Island. All great spots. I thought San Francisco reminded me a little of Chicago but on the left coast and more "healthy". San Fran is a great spot, Berkley is amazing, the Golden Gate park. And of course the shopping but nothing puts a smile on my face and a calmness on my mind like San Diego.

I hear a lot of people say to me when I mention California, say "the traffic sucks" I could never live there. But, in the same sentence say the love Chicago and NYC. HA!!! Makes zero sense to me. Don't get me wrong, good cities and yes I do really enjoy Chicago. Although, I do not like the cold, high stress or pushiness. It is a pet peeve.
I want one day to wake up before I go into the office for the daily grind and head to the beach. Get a nice AM stretch, catch a few 4 footers, breathe in fresh air and salt water. Then start my day, after a plate egg whites of course.

If you are planning on going a vacation with a friend, loved one or even family think about So. Cal. When you're there don't forget the amazing wineries... got to love the vino. You will thank me later, trust me. I am a better person mentally and physically from my visits.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My run

Usually after 8.5 hours of sitting in the cube / hen house I go for a run before I head home. I work in a high maintenance job so running and working out exactly after work is a big help with my weight (of course), mind, the inner soul and well being before I come home. I hate coming home stressed out and complaining to Nicole. It's not her fault I work with hens that bach-bach all day and customers that treat me like I am an idiot. Yeah...I know it seems as if I dislike my paying gig. That's another story for another day. Back to running. About a month ago I injured my achillies, I was pushing it too hard while it was rather cold out and I didn't stretch that well before the quick run. like I said it was chilly out and that equals bad news when you're 32. I could have got away with that one when I was 21, which I don't approve of. As you know the appropriate way of course is a solid warm up, stretch, work your A off, cool down then stretch. That is the correct form which I neglected.
Not able to run for a month is kind of like being a cocks-men at a sorority mixer and having the clap. It truly sucks! When you run and runners know what I'm sayin - its a great feeling! It's reflection time as well as time to just flat out get work done! I don't know if it was a seriously bad injury but it was bad enough for me to jog and after 10 steps feel the pain. OK, maybe it was serious.
Now, being injured one would think just go to the gym and get a light workout in until you feel better, right? No. I got pissed and took a month off. Which totally effected everything around me. It's so weird how exercise does such of a thing. For a month everything sucked besides my relationship. She kept me laughing.. sign of a good woman! But sometimes even their because I would come home in a funk from work.

last week I had enough of sally puss'n around so I got up off the couch, I quit feeling sorry for myself, I quit making excuses and drove to the park and started jogging, lightly. I took it easy in case it was a serious injury and before I knew it I was running every other day, just a mile each day, but I got out and ran. I felt strong.

Today I went for a 3 miler! I felt great. I ran 3 miles today with zero pain! I feel better and I can already tell I am not going to be sore. Although, I will ice my achillies tonight for precautionary reasons. I am stoked for this week!

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything." ~Vincent Van Gogh