Sunday, June 13, 2010

Radio & Pandora's box to my musical mind.

Pandora is something new to my world that I have found very bad ass. I am sure I am a year too late. Most Cincinnatian's are, I can assure you.

I want to touch on my background quickly.

I was in radio for 8 years. It was everything to me and while I was in FM radio I had crazy work ethic, like for instance Warp Tour 03. I went in at 7:30am recorded my on air stuff, got with the promo team, other on-air jocks and headed to the venue at 8:15 a.m. I didn't leave our after party show until 2 a.m. I had tons and tons of hope that I would some what be the next Matt Pinfield, Stern, Kimmel and yes even Carson Daly all in one. At the 3 stations from Daytona Beach, Toledo & Cincinnati I was a yes man. Always trying to do whatever it took to get to that next level. Well... almost everything. I wouldn't kiss the program directors ass at the last station I was at. He liked and worshiped Lincoln Park. I was thrown out of the Lincoln Park back stage presser in Columbus by a bouncer bigger than Hulk Hogan. Yes, I was thrown out. I was shoved into the snow. What did I do to deserve this treatment? Have you even taken time to listen to those yambags? Enough said. I made comments, loudly and direct to the band.

After years of empty promises to move into the music director roll and the rumors the station moving to country I hung up my head phones. I see it like being a great super bowl running back and retiring after just two seasons. Or, Twilight being the only movie made out of that series, leaving all those kids with thoughts of Edward and Bella forever! It was rough on my self confidence and drive. I will admit I didn't see eye to eye with the program director, I wanted to go more young, modern, punk and college pop rock. Bickering with the boss at times about the flow of the station is probably not the best way to move forward. Hell, I know it wasn't. He wanted to go in the direction of Metallica, Lincoln Park and Sublime. The station is no longer on the air and let me say there was already a station JUST like that one already playing that mambo jambo.

I didn't have a title so I put my dux down and gave up. People say never have regrets. I regret leaving radio, point blank period. It was my passion and I was damn good at what I did. I read a quote recently and I am sorry I do not remember who and where so I will just give the cliff notes. It said something to the effect of - the people who were successful were the ones that gave it one more try before giving up. That sums up my radio career. I cashed in when I clearly had one more hand to play. So now I am kind of chasing the dragon, always wanting to be around music or listening to it. The funny thing is, radio has little to do with music. Sad. My vision was skewed a bit I guess?? hell look at look at MTV. Do they even play music anymore or just the Hills?

With me constantly chasing that drive to be creative with the flow of music, bands and pop culture I kept listening to people all around me mumble about Pandora. I don't know much about it still, which five years ago wouldn't be the case, the cube spanks me into corporate Joe. Although, I still love making play list for people and tinkering with my ipod. I figure with my background in music and pop culture my Pandora account would better than a frat house kegger. I am making it a goal to master this blog and Pandora.

My playlist is now on Pandora, "Farley radio". I know pandora picks the songs for you but I had such a good time for three hours last night plugging in bands. The bands picked some how down the road has touched me. No, not in the way of a priest but in the good way that will forever stay with me along the path I take in the glorious thing called life. I must suggest Pandora. You can can get an app on your iPhone or Blackberry and take it everywhere. It is amazing. I truly feel that this will be the next wave in how one listens to music in their car or home.

Currently listening to: Rancid, Public Enemy, and Rise Against

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